Presenting at WordHack, ICAD and Fondation PHI - and others

Many things happened since last May.

I won’t list all of them, but here are a few about the finartcialist project.

ICAD 2023

In June 2023, I went to Sweden to present at the International Conference for Auditory Display. It was my first time playing sound art works of my own in a concert hall.

I had fun meeting lots of interesting people in data sonification, and experiencing the quasi-midnight sun.

I presented the work implied weather, which sonifies weather and weather derivatives products data points, for one month, in New York City.

I am still struggling with how to present my work, both theoretically and practicaly. I think I am getting better at explaining why I do the things I do, and how - I still don’t quite know all the things about mixing live or recorded sound… so I want to do more public presentations, I guess? I am not sure how/when. I have ideas, but making them happen is often another story. Installation work maybe?


I did a presentation at Montréal-Python in Fall 2023, in person. No recordings besides that transcript.

It’s always special going back to Montréal-Python, given that I’ve been attending their meetups for more than a few years now!

It was a good opportunity for me to sum up the ongoing work starting from the beginnings, with a few people already familiar with the work that were in the audience. My first presentation there was in 2019, and it was one of the first few public presentation of my finance x arts projects.

Notam (online)

I presented some of my works online, at Notam, at the Meetup for Artists in technology. It was a good experience in public speaking.

I did a talk on some projects I did in the last few years that I never presented publicly, besides them being on my website.

While everything is slowly moving offline, I appreciate that there are still online meetups that allow us to network internationally without having to travel to some place, especially for more informal opportunities.

I presented alongside Solomiya Moroz, who talked about composition, gesture and technology.

Thanks to Notam and the hosts in making this happens!

Fondation PHI

Later in 2023, I networked a bit with the folks behind the Bureau of Non-competitive Research about their residency at Fondation PHI and the longest meeting in the world project that I had first presented during a Art souterrain residency. They were kind and curious enough to help me host a session of the longest meeting, during the Fail Pass journées d’études.

It was a practical exercise for me to get out in the real world with a real project of my own. Through friends and their friends, and curious passerbys and participants from the FAIL/PASS journée d’étude, we were a small group in the installation space, talking about meetings, collective decision making, the feeling of emptiness, the feeling of being or not being listened to, or not being listening ourselves…

Thank you PHI and the Bureau for giving me this opportunity to showcase my project <3


I did a talk on the Type and Trade and Type (or TTType) project at Wordhack, similar to the one at Notam in topics and scope, but focusing on a single project from 2021… and recorded.

TTType (2021) is an esolang plugin that have you trade programming characters and glyphs in order for you to code in a programming language of your choice.

I presented alongside Todd Anderson and Viola He. Todd did a great performance/presentation on his work building websites and teaching about them. Viola presented some stand up comedy with a highlight of crowd participation. I was curious to hear some words said automatically by the text-to-speech used and made some of my own suggestions - Viola played gracefully around them, and the whole show was hilarious! If you can catch one, please GO :)

Thumbs up to Wonderville for hosting the night.

That’s it!

This sums it up for now :)

I have long write ups in my notes and in my head that I would like to get around with. I also have a list of never-ending projects. And… Summer is starting in this part of the world… there will be rainy days to address some of these ideas ;)

I’d like to do a better job at announcing things I do before they happen, haven’t found the right way to do this yet. Maybe a board on ? Feel more than welcome to write me an email at if you’d like to be kept in the loop, in the future.

thank you for your attention and support <3